Rejection Letters
Donation Rejection

Dear {Name},

Thank you so very much for your incredibly generous donation. It's people like you who help keep {Organization} alive and able to continue providing {services}. However, I am deeply sorry to say that we are unable to accept your donation at this time.

Unfortunately, {policy} was put into place for {reasons}, and it means that we are unable to accept donations that are {description}. I personally find it frustrating and restricting at times, but it does mean that we're better able to do {positive thing} and remain protected from {negative thing}.

Thank you again, and I hope you understand. We so appreciate your generous spirit. If I might make a suggestion, I think that your donation would do a world of good at {similar Organization}, which would be able to put it to great use.



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"You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance." -Ray Bradbury